5 Reasons Why I have chosen to write on Digital Marketing – Baba Marketing


Most of the people is thinking why I have chosen to write on Digital Marketing.


I love to write about it. On daily basis I am improving myself and making progress. So that everybody should get the valuable info from reading the blog.

I am just working to come up with some interesting way to express my feeling about Digital Marketing. I just want we all should make considerable progress in life and become Job independent.


It’s going to the be Laptop lifestyle. So soon will be publishing the article over Laptop lifestyle.


Digital Marketing is having big market in terms of audience reach. Now a day everybody needs this service. And if you want to serve as a Digital Marketer then you should be expert in that field and Industry.


I see Digital Marketing as a way to change lifestyle and move from Execute to Entrepreneur.

As I always mentioned in my article that life is all about keep moving ahead and don’t get stuck anywhere.

As everybody have a different – different perspective so, Digital Marketing covers wide range. Let’s say you are interested in doing job. So, this will help you in getting job as well.


Let me share why we should go for learning digital marketing.


  1. It’s a very interesting field to explore with.

  2. Very wide scope.

  3. You can become digital marketer in 5 – 6 months.

  4. Job is easily available.

  5. You can even start digital marketing agency where you can serve companies and individual.


I will be starting the Digital Marketing Agency services very soon then will share more info on this.




In this I have motivated the reader to start learning Digital Marketing. As it will help to shape their carrier.

I have mentioned 5 points why we should go for learning digital marketing.


I will be keep sharing more points on this.


Let me know, if you have any more points.

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