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Hey, since few days I have been looking to understand the Fetch as Google.

It’s helps in crawling the page which you have added new in website. So, a week ago I have posted this article about Love for Digital Marketing.


Fetch as Google listing 1st step.



SelectDesktop’ and then you will see two options:

Fetch: Fetches a specified URL in your site and displays the HTTP response. Does not request or run any associated resources (such as images or scripts) on the page. This is a relatively quick operation that you can use to check or debug suspected network connectivity or security issues with your site, and see the success or failure of the request.


Fetch and Render:  Fetches a specified URL in your site, displays the HTTP response and also renders the page according to a specified platform (desktop or smartphone). This operation requests and runs all resources on the page (such as images and scripts). Use this to detect visual differences between how Googlebot sees your page and how a user sees your page.


For more details you can visit this link:


Fetch as Google listing 2nd step.

Once you submit the page than ‘Requesting Indexing’ option will appear beside status. So, click over the Requesting Indexing option than below dialog box will appear.

Click on captcha and select the option from the radio button then below dialog box will appear.


Once you hit ‘Go’ then beside status this info will appear ‘Indexing requested for URL and linked pages ‘which means it’s under process.


If ‘Partial’ appear under ‘Status’ which mean Googlebot have found some issues while rendering.

Let’s click on Rendering then below details will appear.

This issue will be resolved while going allowing these url in Robot.txt file which I have did today. Please have look at Robot.txt file sample below:



In this article I have discussed about the issues which I was facing since long time on indexing the page.


Today I have did researched and found the resolution that how to bring Complete status of page indexing. These things affect the page ranking.


Yeah! It’s very helpful.

Please share your viewpoint and experience on this.

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