How to Start Learning Online Marketing with Niche Blog?


Hello everyone, thank you for starting to read this article over my practical experience in raising the traffic over my niche blog [] which I have started on 8th June 2017.

I have registered this domain in March 2016, but don’t had clear idea from where should I start Online Marketing Services.

What my audience expect from me?

Best part in me is that I keep interacting with the people from same industry who have did mastery into online marketing space whether they are influencer or blogger.

In May I was talking with one of my linkedin friend who has did great things in online marketing space, so I asked him what you want to do further then he replied I want to become influencer like Neil Patel.

From there I came to know about Neil Patel and I did lot of researches on him then I came across his blog and from there I thought I should become online marketing expert.

Started reading his blog. Then I thought I need mentor who can guide me on this space or should I have to join the online training program.

Then I joined Digital Deepak 100days blogging class which is still going on.

And I have learned lot from there on below topics:

Intro: Welcome to the 100-day Blogging Course

In this session, he shared the details on Blogging class.

Day 1- Setting Goals & Treating Blogging Like a Business

In this session, he shared how to setup Blogging Goal?

Day 2- How to Choose a Topic for Your Blog?

If you are starting the Blog than you need to do research over blog topic in which you are interested.

Here’s a list of broad topics to get you thinking:



Global warming


Beginner’s guides to anything!

Overcoming adversity or illness

Life experiences

Products or service reviews



Travel experiences






Personal Stories

Jokes and Humor





Maybe you want to pick something else entirely.

Day 3- How to Choose a Domain Name?

Here you get the details on choosing the available domain name on Godaddy or many more websites are there. But I have chosen Godaddy. It makes me more comfortable while using it. From here you have get the idea that customer experience is very much important if you are designing any product or service.

Day 4 – Understand Web-hosting & DNS Setting           

So now I have purchase the domain but I need to host it so that it can be visible to world. I have chosen Godaddy for providing the hosting services as well. For me it’s become easier to maintain both domain name and hosting with same company. Many user purchase domain name from different company and host it on different company server that also you guys can do it. Here I am sharing my experience.

 Day 5 – Setting up CloudFlare DNS

Its helps in setting up the DNS and MX record easily. Later will be discussing on CloudFlare.

I will be coming on separate article on this soon.

Day 6 – Getting Web-hosting and Installing WordPress

So, once you are done with purchasing domain name and hosting now it’s time to start working on installing the wordpress and making it live for world.

Everyone wants to build their brand so it’s a baby step in creating your online presence.


To raise the traffic on new blog you need to focus on content. You should deliver engaging content which provide value to the reader.

At present, I have been doing the same thing. Focusing on content.

Well said “Content is the King”.

I will be coming up with the Traffic topic soon with all my details of getting visitor on niche blog.

You can see my google analytics page


In this I have just highlighted what I am doing to learn Online Marketing.

In coming future I will be writing more on above mentioned topics.

Still my research for finding mentor is going on. I want to move ahead ASAP so that I can leave my JOB and love to keep sharing my life experience through Blog. I am very consistent guy.

Let’s join hand move ahead.

Soon will be sharing my daily basis time table with you guys and want you to share your view point on below asked question.

How we can move ahead in online marketing space?





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