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Hello everyone, I love to write so today I am going to tell you how we can Live Digital Marketing.

Living Digital Marketing means feeling it all the time. If we should make this passion than only we will succeed in Digital Marketing space.

As it’s a very vast space but with passion we can go deeper into it. Let’s make this more toward living.

It can change the life of any person in terms of becoming Entrepreneur. It’s a great but passion required without that not possible.

I am here to do the great things and share you with my experience. In this field, there is no bar. All required your passion and commitment.

At present I am in Hyderabad. I am enjoying the climate very much. Everything is great out here and this is the perfect month to visit Hyderabad.

Now a day many people is giving knowledge and understanding over Digital Marketing program. In my earlier article I have mentioned about the below topics where I have discussed about the Training program in Hyderabad and Delhi.

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Top digital marketing training programs in Delhi

First question coming in mind when we look for Digital Marketing as a passion that is why I should go for Digital Marketing career and how it is livelier than any other field?


First, I will answer second question on Digital Marketing ‘How it is livelier than any other field?

  • Connecting people online
  • Discussion on new topics
  • Celebrating the achievement
  • Regular basis interacting with new people

As of now above points comes into my mind when we make Digital Marketing livelier.

If you don’t believe in sharing than Digital Marketing is not for you. It’s a as simple as this.

Here Sharing is very important. You should share your experience with people. So here you will first experiment it and then share the outcome with the audience.

Top Digital Marketer

Rand Fishkin SEO Superstar Aka Wizard of Moz

Neil Patel-Top Influencer on the Web

Need to learn lot of things from above mentioned top Digital Marketer and design our routine and way of moving ahead with this.

If we are planning to do anything than commitment with ourselves. Living Digital Marketing is very easy things to do.

Let me quote some example

Doctor lives as Doctor

Lawyer lives as Lawyer

Politician lives as Politician

Than why can’t Digital Marketer lives as Digital Marketer


Since previous month I have started watching one program on Prithviraj Chauhan and I am very much influenced by his courage to accept the challenges and wins it.


I am watching this on regular basis. It’s inspiring. I wish I could have watched this program earlier in my life. But from this program I am learning lot and that don’t give up in any situation of life. Every situation has a solution so be calm and watch the situation as it is. At present I have become fan of his stories.

From this courageous fighter we come to know how we can keep moving in life despite of many obstacle?

Obstacle is not going to change his way but with confidence and god power we should give the direction.



In this letter about Living Digital Marketing. I have tried to bring attention of the people who think that Digital Marketing is not for them.


It’s a very great tool to let people know about you and your experiment.

You know why I have discussed about Prithviraj Chauhan here in Digital Marketing context because many time I find it boring and think it’s better to give up and try some different things but now I understood I was wrong at that time. From today I am not going to live the Digital Marketing.


Now I am learning how challenges comes but we should fight and keep moving.

At present I am in Hyderabad. Enjoying the climate and culture. It’s nice. Will be exploring this topic more in future.


Let me know your opinion on Living Digital Marketing.


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