Love for Digital Marketing

We must love the work which we do. On 2nd October 2017, I have messaged Neil Patel asked how to keep self-motivated about Digital Marketing?

Then at evening time Neil replied in one line which is

when you do something, you love than you don’t need motivation.


This line has opened my eyes. To identify the passion and get moving towards goal.


So, let’s find out the LOVE.

Are we passionate about what we do?

Let me share you my brief story on love. I used to love my father very much in such a way that I always like to spend my time sitting beside him.

Any by the way my lovely father birthday was on 3rd October.

I have learned many lesson of life from my father which I will discussion in my upcoming About me article.


I have got very less time to spend with my father because since childhood I was away from home due to studies.

But whatever the time I have spent was quality time. No doubt about it.


Now, I can see emerging love for Digital Marketing.

How we can identify the love?

In the month of July, I came across Sachin Tendulkar speech at IIT Bombay regarding love. So, will be sharing the YouTube link below please go through it.

 He had explained about the love for cricket. Very wonderful speech and hope you will enjoy it.


Life is all about learning making other understand it. I believe in helping others.

Through this website Baba Marketing I am going to share all the knowledge what I have learned about Digital Marketing so far.


And in my every article I am already doing it. Let me list out my published article as of now:

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In every article I have tried to share the things what I have learned so far and I will keep doing it lifelong. Whatever I got I must return to society.

This is an ongoing process.


One more video I would like to share with of MS Dhoni. Which has changed my life. Hope you all have watched the movie (M.S.Dhoni – The Untold Story) based on his life.


But in this shared video link you will learn how he is down to earth and this is the key to success. Respect everyone and be honest.



In this article I have tried to cover the topic related to love for Digital Marketing.


As we know to do anything we need to love it. Without love it’s not possible at all.

I have shared video of Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni. They have shared very good things on Love, Respect and Honesty.

To be successful you need to be loving what you do.

I have also shared about 1min Neil Patel interaction over Facebook chat regarding Loving Digital Marketing.


Please share your viewpoint because it’s just a start












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