Top effective way of using Google Analytics for your online campaign

Google Analytics data is full of surprise.

When I have started my online marketing blog a month back I wasn’t that much familiar with the Analytics data. But when I started getting visitor on my blog then I started using Google Analytics.      

Now it’s become first thing in the morning when I switch on my laptop to log on to And check the visitor flow on my online marketing blog.

Here I am going to explain you how I use Google Analytics to view the data.

1st Step: 

Log on to your Google Analytics account using existing Gmail ID or create new account. As I have created new Gmail ID to access Google Analytics account. What I believe if you are doing new project than create new id instead of using the existing Gmail ID.

2nd Step:

Now I login into my Google Analytics account.

In above image, you can see left menu

  • Home: It’s a first page which looks as it is and shows website data at right panel.

3rd Step:

After clicking on Customization > Dashboards you can view the below report which shows all the data at one panel. So, it basically works as an overview to look at all the report and consist of New Users, Users, Session, Session by Browser, Bounce Rate, Avg. Session Duration and Pages / Session, Revenue and Goal Completions.

Customization > Custom Reports

So, in Customization I used only two option for generating the custom report to view the data of online marketing.

4th Step:

In this step, I basically search for reporting data.


I quickly click on Real-Time > Overview to see the active user on my website. I really enjoy if some user is showing under Real-Time tab.

So, based on the Real-Time user it shows below info:

  • Locations

  • Traffic Sources

  • Content

  • Events

  • Conversion

About these will discuss when I start getting real user every time a day because at present I don’t find any Real-Time user.

5th Step:

Now I click on Audience. So here I get the details of



  • Language

  • Country

  • City


  • Browser

  • Operating System

  • Service Provider


  • Operating System

  • Service Provider

Screen Resolution

Lifetime Value (Beta) – So under this we will see the below metric. Gradually I will be explaining each tab in another post.

Available lifetime value metrics are:

  • Goal Completions Per User (LTV)

  • Page Views Per User (LTV)

  • Session Duration Per User (LTV)

  • Sessions Per User (LTV)

The following are also available for accounts with ecommerce tracking enabled:

  • Revenue Per User (LTV)

  • Transactions Per User (LTV)

Cohort Analysis (Beta): Means ‘a group of people banded together or treated as a group’.

I basically do analysis of Cohort (Group) customer in this week and month back so that I can understand what changes need to be done to improve the customer flow.

Cohort Analysis have been done by retail store or other companies as well so check the customer flow.

User Explorer: It explorer the user details.

After clicking on client Id.

This will also take-up in next post with you guys.

Demographics: It will give you detail about the user Age and Gender. Which is very helpful at the time of designing the campaign.

Interests: Haven’t used this tab yet. So once will use it will share the details.

Geo: It will show you the details of Language, Location which is very helpful to understand the customer flow.

Behavior: It helps in understanding below points about the user

  • New vs Returning

  • Frequency & Recency

  • Engagement

Technology: It’s helpful in knowing what my customer is using to visit the blog.

  • Browser & OS

  • Network

  •  Mobile

Custom: I haven’t use this tab yet. Will explain once I go through it.

Benchmarking: Its tell about Channels, Location and Devices.

Users Flow: It will teach you about user flow from one page to another.

This is very helpful at the time of designing the marketing funnel.

6th Step:

Acquisition which will provide the details about the Channel, Sessions, Conversions.

It’s basically the overview of image.

All Traffic

Consist of Channels, Treemaps, Source/Medium, Referrals

Adwords: It helpful in understanding the understanding about Google campaign.

Will discuss on this once online marketing campaign started.




7th Step:

Behavior: Is very useful in knowing the website performance. Its provide data such as

  • Site Content

  • Site Speed

  • Events

Below tab provide info about AbSence analytical data.

  • Publisher


8th Step:

Conversions: So far, I haven’t reached at this stage. Will share the details once I practical use this tab.


So, In this I have shared details about Google Analytics which I have used so far.

You will find many tabs I haven’t used it yet.

Google Analytics is very useful in learning about customer and website performance.

As I have mentioned this is the first thing which I check when login to my laptop. I have become fan of Analytics data. It really motivates to do more and get the visitor on website.

Help in planning the day.

How you are using Google Analytics? Please share.

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